It’s the last evening you may try the pizza we created together with the chef Salvatore Bianco: endives, mackerel, smoked Provola cheese and dried and caramelized cherry tomatoes. This pizza’s been part of 5 pizzas that we presented a few days ago and paired with the champagnes of little producers that you can find in the catalogue of Les Caves de Pyrene.
Pizzas that are the result of a cooperation in order to add value to the ingredients and to free a new creativity. Pizzas that once they had been tested have been added to our menu as long as the season guaranteed excellent vegetables.
And so we say goodbye to the endives that are no longer available. Thanks to the cooking method the sweet and at the same time bitter taste of the endives has been preserved and gives to this pizza a fresh vegetable aroma that brings out the flavor of the mackerel, softens the rich flavor of the fonduta of the smoked Provola cheese and brings out the mineral and refreshing taste of the cherry tomatoes.


Since we put this pizza on the menu it had been appreciated by a lot of people, so that we decided to put it once again on our menu next winter.


But another pizza will remain on our menu that already entered the top ten of our pizzas, even if we only presented it a few weeks ago.


Francesco e Salvatore Salvo