Tomatoes are one of the three fundamental elements of pizza, but they are also an Italian excellence to be proud of. We choose only the best tomato sauce for our pizza, produced from tomatoes ripened in the sun of our beautiful country.
In this way, you will find all the authentic taste of the tomatoes from Campania, San Marzano, cherry tomatoes from Gragnano and cherry tomatoes from Piennolo.
The attention to the quality of the raw materials, the result of a careful selection of suppliers, is what makes our pizza a real Neapolitan pizza.

San Nicola dei Miri

Sapori di Corbara


Olivella Gourmet

 Miracolo di San Gennaro

Experience the true Neapolitan flavour

A lifelong passion for the tradition of Neapolitan pizza and it’s true flavours. A dough leavened for 24 hours, but also many delicious and appetizing proposals with the specialties of our chip shop.  

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