The new olive harvest has just finished and now start to arrive the samples of the new oil.
This crop seems to be very interesting and better than last year’s crop with few olives and therefore few oil.

One of our major ingredients is extra virgin olive oil. We are working very much on the selection of high quality ingredients for our pizzas creating so a well-balanced taste and pleasant flavors. The choice of the right oil paired with the various ingredients plays a fundamental role for achieving a good result. The extra virgin olive oil sector is various and every territory has its own type of olives that has specific characteristics present in its fragrance and aroma. These characteristics are emphasized for extra virgin olive oils and even much more, when used raw.

At the moment we have 13 different oils in our oil list that have been selected together with a panel of experts. Now we are starting to taste the new samples in order to choose the oils that this year will complete every pizza. Often the oils are a source of inspiration for the preparation of our seasonal pizzas.