Extra virgin olive oil is another Italian excellence, and we have selected for you the best oils, each with its unmistakable scent, each carefully chosen to be combined with the other artisanal ingredients that make up our pizza. They are all produced from Italian olives, which are cold pressed to maintain its specific organoleptic properties intact that distinguish them all. The result is a pizza oil of excellent quality and unique fragrance.
The attention to detail is what guarantees the highest quality of the pizzas we offer, which have the true taste of the Neapolitan tradition.

San Comaio


San Salvatore

Villa Pontina


Olio Cru



3 Colonne


Castello di Ama


 Madonna dell’ Olivo

Experience the true Neapolitan flavour

A lifelong passion for the tradition of Neapolitan pizza and it’s true flavours. A dough leavened for 24 hours, but also many delicious and appetizing proposals with the specialties of our chip shop.  

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