We already talked several times about our dough on our blog. The dough is one of the elements towhich the pizza maker dedicates a lot of time and research. Our dough is part of the kind of dough that already used our father. It’s a very soft (“muollo”) dough, because it’s very hydrated with a good gluten network. We take care of the dough preparation as well as during the rising, the forming of the disk and the topping and cooking.
One of the most delicate stages is the forming of dough balls. It’s the stage in which the dough is divided in little balls called “panetti” that we leave to complete the rising for many, many hours.

The ball forming of the dough has to be done after that the dough already had a rest period and it should be done between the end of the aerobic phase and the anaerobic phase, when the fermentation leads to the development of gas and the dough structure starts to stiffen . If you don’t do the ball forming in that precise moment, but later on at advanced anaerobic stage, you’ll alter the mechanical characteristics of the dough. This way you achieve a negative result of the Neapolitan pizza, because the gas made the dough more resistant and stiff and the air in the dough has a negative effect on the final dough structure.

It’s a delicate moment not only from the technical point of view, but from the operative aspect, too.

Every day we have to deal with very long waiting shifts, where we need a certain quantity of dough balls in order to serve our customers. Therefore we have to calculate the exact moment of the pizza dough maturation.

Every day we exactly know, what we need and we have to reach this purpose in accordance with the weather conditions and the characteristics of the ingredients. Only experience can make you reach the shift with a good dough ready for use.

Therefore it is important to start the ball forming in the right moment. We succeed in knowing when the right moment has come, because thanks to our experience we know very well each stage of the dough leavening and maturation. We tuned our preparation and service in a way that we get up to speed within a few minutes.

We put a lot of energy in studying the single stages of dough leavening and maturation as well as the ball forming stage. We worked hard on shortening the times of preparation and the customer flow, because we aim at serving an excellent and tasty pizza, soft and with an intense and long lasting aroma.
And so we take care of every stage in an almost obsessive way knowing that we have to serve hundreds of pizzas within few hours and all have to have the same quality standard. In brief we are doing a precision job. We cannot cook the pizza, if the dough is not ready and so we have to take care that the dough arrives at its best moment exactly when we need it to be and this means during the service at lunch or at dinner. The job of a pizza maker most of all means to prepare a good pizza knowing exactly what you are doing.