Roberto Bentivegna – Passione Gourmet:
“….. the pizzeria di Francesco & Salvatore Salvo is not one out of many excellent pizzerias in the province of Naples that raise the product to unimaginable levels, but it is THE modern pizzeria concept.

We don’t only want to talk about pizza: on this argument you may discuss for hours and everybody will name his favourite pizza maker (even if the Salvo brothers unquestionably stand on the podium of the best pizza makers).

Let’s talk about all that stuff that goes beyond the pizza and that in 2016 is not only one of the accessories: let’s talk about the service, let’s talk about a winelist with charges of a wine shop, let’s talk about the spaces between the tables, the attention of the waiting staff that are very important for a customer … all aspects that are expected in a restaurant, but not in a pizzeria with more than 200 seats.

All this revolutionizes the standards of a classical Neapolitan pizzeria, where the most important thing has always been what you find on your plate. The Salvo brothers’ pizzeria has become a bourgeois restaurant, cozy and inviting, where you can pass your time in a pleasant way trying their great creations …”