One of the current subjects discussed in our sector is if the quality level may be maintained high and constant, when we speak of the Neapolitan pizza. In our pizzeria in Naples we are having a long production process and this means that we prepare more than 1.000 pizzas a day. It is therefore essential to develop conditions that may assure the homogeneity of the finished product. We are trying to reach high quality through research and selection of excellent ingredients and to improve the production process by improving the technical skills of the whole staff.

Beside the experience of every pizza maker there’s the technical knowledge that is of great importance for the preparation of the dough. During the preparation of the dough we know each day exactly what is our purpose, which kind of finished product we are aiming at. But we are aware of the different starting conditions, too. The doughs are composed by simple ingredients that are coming together in different weather conditions. Moreover the basic ingredients may be slightly different, so that you have to constantly pay attention to how to use them. The work of a pizza maker consists in the capacity to interpret the status of the ingredients trying to obtain a result as constant as possible.

Our job is to assure to all clients a pizza that maintains its specific properties, taste and structure. This is a great responsibility that is not only to be found in the dough. Another essential job is the job of the pizza baker, because he has to know the oven very well. He has to pay attention to the cooking floor and the diffusion of the heat during the working hours. At least there’s the check when the pizza comes out of the oven. We have a person that verifies the pizzas before serving them to the clients in order to guarantee the quality of each pizza. This permits us to remove a pizza that has been cooked to much or on which the topping has not been distributed in the right way.

This is what in every good Neapolitan pizzeria has been done for decades: constantly improving the production like every artisan does every day.