“A simple move, a COPERNICAN REVOLUTION. Until today it was unimaginable that a waiter of a pizzeria could have been trained by a three-starred restaurant. And this is exactly what happens and where everybody will get involved with.” (by Luciano Pignataro​; TN: Italian food and wine journalist)

“Why? Because there is no distance, no barrier and no difference. Because there’s nothing impossible, if it is the same passion. It’s a great challenge for them and for us. We will put together two worlds that may seem distant one to another, but at the end the they are existing in the same way. They only speak a different language. Sooner or later we will succeed in giving back dignity and importance to the people, who work in this sector.” (by Beppe Palmieri; TN: Giuseppe Palmieri is the maître d’hôtel of the 3-starred restaurant Osteria Francescana)

Starting from April, 20th 2015 NOTHING WILL BE THE SAME. Our WAITING STAFF will take an internship. And they will do it in one of the world’s best restaurants. Many people consider OSTERIA FRANCESCANA in Modena the world’s best restaurant. It’s time for revolution. It’s time to add the right value to the people, who work in a restaurant. We don’t only focus on the doughs anymore. DOUGHS AND ALL THE REST IN ORDER TO CREATE THE WINNING FORMULA FOR A NEW AND LONGTIME BUSINESS MODEL!
Special thanks go to Giuseppe Palmieri. We will never ever thank you enough for your help. We hope to meet the expectations!