May, 18th we will be in New York City. We will participate at the event that dedicates a special part to the pizza and that has been organized by LSDM together with the Molino Caputo and Orlando Food Sales. We will be there together with Franco Pepe and other colleagues that permanently work in the United States such as John Arena, Giulio Adriani and Giorgia Caporuscio as well as Michele D’Amelio.

We will describe the world of pizza by different pizza styles, but all based on the same theme: quality ingredients and the vision of a modern pizzeria. We are very happy to be part of this initiative that aims at promoting the real made in Italy through so called taste ambassadors like chefs, pizza makers and communicators.

We are happy to meet again Scott Wiener the creator of Scott’s pizza tours, which is a culinary itinerary that makes pizza lovers get to know New York City by tasting pizza.

It’ll be an occasion for meeting a lot of colleagues that spread the name of the Neapolitan pizza all over the world throughout their work and surely it’ll be an occasion for us to grow. You may participate at this event by invitation ( It’ll start on May 18th at 3 p.m. a tour Harlem location of Neapolitan Express. u invito ( e si svolgerà a partire dalle ore 15.00 del 18 maggio presso Neapolitan Express ad Harlem.