Dairy products and cheeses

Mozzarella is the fundamental ingredient that makes the difference in a special pizza: we choose it carefully, to give you all the authentic taste of the real fresh mozzarella from our Campania tradition.
We select cheese for our pizza in the same way: all products are of Italian origin, strictly controlled and certified, traceable from its origin to your dish.
A careful choice of suppliers and raw materials is what allows us to offer you dishes of the highest quality, which restore the authentic flavour of the ingredients.

Fior d Agerola


Beppino Occelli

Caseificio di Cecca


Cooperativa Agricola Pecorino Bolognese

Di Pasquale Formaggi

Caseificio Rosola

Azienda Agricola La Torretta

Azienda Agricola La Campestre

 Latteria Sociale Branzi

Caseificio Barlotti

Casa Madaio

Experience the true Neapolitan flavour

A lifelong passion for the tradition of Neapolitan pizza and it’s true flavours. A dough leavened for 24 hours, but also many delicious and appetizing proposals with the specialties of our chip shop. 

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