Beyond being a great professional chef Salvatore Bianco, chef of hotel Romeo’s gourmet restaurant Il Comandante is a real friend for us. He has always been there to give us advice in order to make us improve the way to treat the ingredients used for the toppings of our pizzas.

We believe that all the efforts we make to maintain the high standard of our dough in order to assure an aromatic dough easy to digest has to be combined with the best ingredients and therefore with continuous training on cooking techniques. As pizza makers we had to deal with the problem that we had to face the job of a chef and at this point Salvatore declared himself available to help us. That way we started to work together on the creation of new pizzas, too.

We had a lot of ideas that needed to be worked out together with a chef in order to be realized. We needed some good advice in order to learn the right cooking methods to enhance new ingredients we wanted to use, but at the same time we had to consider the pratical needs of a pizza maker and a pizza. With great passion Salvatore decided to help us for several months, we organized a weekly appointment with him. Very often we had to wait until late in the evening (once we finished our work) we could take some time to create new pizzas.
Salvatore listened to us and helped us to realize our ideas. We cooperated putting together the experience of a pizza maker and a chef. We discussed every ingredient of the new pizzas, because we knew from the beginning that every ingredient would have had another minute of cooking time at high temperatures in the pizza oven. We worked on the food pairing, on the message we wanted to transmit as well as on the general balance of the pizzas and the pleasure of tasting.

All this work has been presented during the event of April 26th, 2016, where we offered these new pizzas to our guests. The event became even more pleasant because of the pairing of different champagnes produced by little wineries that had been chosen by Le Caves de Pyrene.

We think that from a cooperation between professionals may come out something new and better. Discussion and exchange of meanings and knowledge are essential for growing in this sector. Even the traditional Neapolitan pizza has to grow from the cultural point of view. Well aware of this fact we are already working on it.

Some of our new pizzas are already on the menu, others will arrive later on. We will report on these “sophisticated pizzas” here on our blog. We call them “sophisticated pizzas” according to a memory of our father. He usually used to prepare fried pizza, margherita and marinara pizza according to the tradition. Little by little the customers started to ask for pizzas with more ingredients and so my father called them “sophisticated pizzas”. It’s only another way for us to proudly remember him. We are very thankful for the fact that our father has been an example for us. He made us love this work and he taught us to look ahead respecting the tradition, but finding at the same time our way for innovation.
Photo credit: Karen Phillips.