We are very proud of our wine and beer list. Last year we have been awarded by the Gambero Rosso (TN: food and wine magazine as well as a publishing group for different guides, one dedicated to pizzerias) as Italy’s best pizzeria.
We already had a very broad wine list with a good selection of wines from the Campania Region and a big choice of Champagne. You immediately see from our wine list that we don’t earn much on it. We trust in the pairing of wine and pizza and try to make sure that everybody can afford a glass of wine for his pizza.
But you don’t have to take a bottle, if you don’t want. We offer wine by glass using an ENOMATIC, a device that distributes wine by glass without altering the organoleptic characteristics of the wine. We are able to offer up to 8 wines by glass choosing day by day interesting labels ad a good price (maximum € 4,00/glass).
In our pizzeria all is possible: you can enjoy good company, try a wine you already wanted to try but you did not want to buy a whole bottle and at the same time you don’t spend much. This is our concept.

Which wine would you like to be served by glass in our pizzeria?